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Giant Bombcast 474: “Fun!"

2017-03-28 16:18 Giant Bombcast

We invited Greg Kasavin to come by and talk about Mass Effect bummers, offer game development insight, and find out where in the hell is that camera we gave him.

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Pro Wrestling, UN Squadron, Trojan, More

2017-03-27 42:18 Old Games

Let's relax with a handful of bad old games... OK, and let's get some good ones in there, too, sure.

Splatoon 2 Testfire: 03/24/2017

2017-03-27 32:04 Features

We battle our connection issues, then let the ink fly as we battle the our squid-kid-brethren.

Best of Giant Bomb 120 - We Got This

2017-03-25 07:38 Best of Giant Bomb

I can't believe that I'm a captain for my very own starship. Or maybe I can believe it? I'm not very good with faces.

Quick Look: NeuroVoider

2017-03-24 24:34 Quick Looks

Before you go on your daily run, be sure to have some fire walls for breakfast.

VRodeo 08: Robo Recall, Smashbox Arena, and More

2017-03-23 01:45 Features

We find brand new ways to reload a gun and Handibot's influence has been spreading.

Quick Look: Everything

2017-03-22 36:11 Quick Looks

Jeff and Brad prove that no matter who you are, everyone just wants to sing, dance, and multiply.

Giant Bombcast 473: I’ve Always Cared About Science

2017-03-21 55:08 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Danny and Mike to talk about lineage, space operas, and plastic guns. And if they don't behave we'll turn this space buggy around!

Quick Look: Mass Effect: Andromeda

2017-03-20 34:44 Quick Looks

Brad, Jeff, and the Pathfinder have very important space sudoku to conduct. Don't worry. They've got this.

Quick Look: Disc Jam

2017-03-17 23:21 Quick Looks

The perspective may be different, but Jeff and Brad like what they see here.